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ANS-500 Car Insurance

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Product support: 20A-500A / 32V-250V / DC range

Product use: for bolt fuses, fuse forkbolt

Product Features: Product gilded ordinary plating

Application: electric cars, car audio auto assembly Insurance sightseeing. Fire new energy automotive industry and high-power equipment, instrumentation generator


Product fastening: fastening hardware reached the national standard 8.8 automobile automotive industry in line with international standards.

Product requirements: strict accordance with the electric car standard grade standards (VO flame retardant to international standards, vibration-proof, shatterproof) used along with a low temperature and high temperature

Fuse holder with a spare fuse.

Temperature range of specialty products; low temperature of minus 20 degrees to a high temperature of 180 degrees normal use remained stable long-term attention to the large current state.

ANS-300 Car Insurance
ANS-300 Car Insurance
ANS-500A2Car Insurance
ANS-500A2Car Insurance
GF-702A auto insert fuse holder (s).
GF-702A auto insert fuse holder (s).
GF-702 auto fuse holder
GF-702 auto fuse holder
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